Before there were the people we are familiar with today, there were others.

Born from stardust and glued together by Komodo Dragon saliva, they rose up from the red clay earth that collected on the edge of the Milky Way. The last bits of sediment formed into their abalone eyes so they could see the world through the wisdom of the sea. Lavender essence and Geranium oil slides through the maze of veins under their translucent skin. A lingering smell of spiced flowers followed them. They are kaleidoscopic beings full of contradictions and paradoxes. The flaws they held were displayed proudly as these were the makings of their strength, their knowledge, and their divinity. And unlike us, they recognized the divinity within themselves.

We know the kaleidoscopic beings came to earth in pieces from the battles they fought to protect their secrets, their land, and their power, a war that left them scared, broken and scattered. Roaming the universe they scavenge for the lost fragments of themselves. The spaces they could not satisfy with old, they filled with innovative new discoveries. As they built themselves up again, the old pieces were stained with pain but kissed with compassion, making them heavier than before.  Shedding old skin and embracing evolution, they left these living relics for others in the hopes it could aid them in their voyages.